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An online inspired sari boutique for women who twist tradition. We design simple and inspired East Asian cocktail wear.


Lehenga Choli


Lehenga Choli has been worn since the Mughal era. The royal court in that time considered it flattering to a woman’s beauty. It is a pleated skirt called a lehenga and a fitted short or long blouse called a choli. It is usually embroidered and accompanied by a 2.5 yard shawl, otherwise known as a dupatta or ohdni, which was traditionally used to cover heads as a show of respect when around elders or when offering prayers.


This is a popular look amongst younger women and also worn by brides as opposed to a sari. It is less inhibiting, easy to wear, and sexy. There are many popular styles varying from a fitted skirt to skirts with a lot of flare. Most styles are designed for weddings, parties, and ceremonies and are embroidered to catch and reflect light.